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Alvaro Maguina

Alvaro Maguina

Bilingual Customer Service Represantative

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, have been to the US on many occasions for both work and tourism. Bachelor's degree in the culinary arts from the D'Gallia Institute of Haute Cuisine in Peru, now looking to learn more about the insurance industry.
Agent Qualifications:
Throughout the years I've had experience in customer service on a number of different fields. Mostly in the hospitality industry, I've also worked as an interpreter and translator. Customer satisfaction always comes first!
My biggest hobby is definitely playing videogames, either by myself or with friends!
I love spending time with my family and friends and cooking or baking for them. Sometimes we'll go out to try new restaurants together, or go to karaoke at night. 
Some of my more outdoorsy activities include riding my bike and swimming. I love going to the beach!